Classic Sensitivity

A classic sensitive is a person who is mainly focused on their family, friends, pets, and all things that are directly connected with them in their life. They do not usually get involved in many things outside their chosen connections and are involved in politics only if it [...]

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If This House Could Talk

“If This House Could Talk…” I have heard this expression throughout my life and as a child I would wonder why the adults could not feel the pain, happiness, or confusion in the house we were in at the time. When an ultra-sensitive enters a building, they can [...]

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Healing Blocked Sensitivity

How does a person become a blocked sensitive? It’s usually during childhood that a person becomes a blocked sensitive. Sensitivity becomes blocked when a child experiences trauma that they cannot comprehend either mentally or emotionally. Usually, the child creates an emotional reason for the traumatic event, blaming themselves [...]

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Classic vs Ultra-Sensitivity

We are all sensitive at various levels at different moments in our life. There are four basic ways we are sensitive: Blocked, Classic, Ultra, and Natural. • Blocked Sensitivity allows you to have a specific focus without distractions. • Classic Sensitivity gives you the ability to focus on [...]

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Hypervigilance to Healing

Some people who have experienced trauma not only tap into their Ultra-Sensitivity but remain in that Ultra-Sensitive state for the rest of their lives. From the moment of their unconscious choice to be Ultra-Sensitive (when the trauma happened) these people stay open, vulnerable, and Ultra-Sensitive to everything that [...]

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Ultras Sense Ultimate Potentials

When Ultra-Sensitives are in our fear, we often see negative potentials in most things we do. We see the potentials for us to fail unless we receive positive feedback from someone whom we feel has relevant knowledge or experience. It is the way our inner being works, especially [...]

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