When you attend a Live-In Residential Training it is a 3 Day program that will be customized for you. You will live-in with Marcy at her home and be gently guided into your own perceptions of how you operate as an Ultra Sensitive in your life. You will be actively participating for 9 hours a day. You will be trained to recognize your personal triggers that connect you with people. Next, you will recognize WHEN, How and Why you engage with people. You will be strongly guided in recognizing how to retain your own identity and disengage from people’s pain, struggle and stress.

You will learn how to disengage with people in all experience levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will learn how to see your negative emotions as a powerful tool for change. You will be escorted by Marcy around to all the places where you have difficulty retaining your own identity. You will be mentored minute by minute by being given insights from Marcy on when and how you engage with the people you picked up on and are empathetically connected emotionally.

You will be given tools that you have available and carry with you at all times and how you can use them to best advantage. You will learn how your compassion is your most elite and exact tool to use in helping you be your own person while still retaining your Ultra Sensitivity.

Each of the three 9 hour days will be trainings on how to be Ultra Sensitive at your best. You will access your sensitivity as a magical tool to help you be more comfortable in your skin, your feelings and the physical world.