Marcy Calhoun 2023Marcy is dedicated to helping you to continue to develop your Intuitive voice to use in a practical manner in our physical reality. You will learn how to use your pure voice in your intimate relationships as well as in your career.

Marcy has been using her Intuitive Communication skills for over 30 years, helping people learn to trust their own intuitive voice.  She will help you trust your own voice and be heard in the marketplace. Intuitive communication is a gift to help you thrive in the complexities of our day to day world.

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Getting Started

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Going Deeper

I created this list of Ultra Sensitivities to help very sensitive people understand their Gifts and skills.

It was important to me to name the abilities for each sensitivity because it helps us, as sensitive people, to understand how we are designed to work, why we have the level of sensitivity that we were born with, and why sensitivity is so crucial in this present age.

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Podcasts with Marcy

Listen to interesting talks and discussions with Marcy.

Episode 4: What you are used to doesn’t make sense anymore

Episode 5: Conceptual and Structural Sensitivities

Episode 6: The Dark Night of the Soul