ELEMENTS – What are they? Why do they matter? How are they a part of our lives? What is a foundation element?

The five elements we live with are Water/Fire/Air/Earth/Spirit. We live and interact with these five elements every day, whether we are still or active. We contain all these elements in our body, mind, emotion, and spirit. There is never a time when we are not activating one or all of them in our lives. When we walk, eat, think, feel, or speak, the elements within us are working.

There is one element that is the foundation element. The foundation element is the lead element, and all other elements react to the foundation element first. It is the foundation element that creates the initial action.

Before we entered the Aquarian Age, I feel we were in the Informational Age and our foundation element was the Earth Element, which is known for its stability, grounding, and centering. Now, in the Aquarian Age, our foundation element is the Air Element.

The foundation element is the basic energy that we relate to or seek out any time there is a new beginning or ending. It is where we begin and end our life, where we go when we experience trauma or quiet, drop into our creativity, are born, or when our physical body changes. The change in foundational element from Earth to Air is what we are all feeling at this time. We are being forced to examine the choices we make and the way we live.

Remember that change is being present to life, and stagnation is resistance to life.

The more we are willing to change a stagnant truth, the longer and more life we embrace. There are no absolutes, only movement and change and living in the present moment with acceptance, with a willingness to change schedules. New plans that change timing force us into new choices, new events, and new beginnings.