Choosing to enter Marcy’s mentorship program has been hugely impactful for me in learning to trust and develop my intuitive voice. Working with her over the last few years has been one of the greatest gifts and catalysts for my growth. She’s an open, kind, and deeply caring teacher, and our connection has been highly supportive in these uncertain times.

I’m so grateful and can’t recommend working with her highly enough. I’m not aware of any other opportunity like this one, which allows for ongoing structured support over an extended period of time.

In mentoring sessions, you get to decide what issues or topics you want to focus on that week. Marcy is able to access and impart information that might otherwise come up in a psychic reading, but it’s shared as a learning tool in the context of you bolstering your ability to translate intuitive information directly and more skillfully navigate situations arising in daily life, breaking old cycles and moving into the future you want to create for yourself.

LKS, Santa Fe, NM

Marcy mentors me once a week, consistently. I always feel listened to, HEARD BEYOND MY WORDS. I never feel judged. She works WITH me in a team effort. I feel safe, supported, never alone.

Marcy gives me tools to apply in life that replace unhealthy habitual ways of thinking, believing, interacting internally and with others. Judgement changed to understanding and compassion.

Here are examples of how life is better from Marcy’s mentoring:

I could not be anywhere where there were a lot of people; NOW I choose to go or not, BECAUSE I TRUST MYSELF.

I believed I should accept the salary someone gave me. I was undervalued; NOW I set my salary, and negotiate clearly. I bring talent, skill, energy and INTEGRITY to any task I am hired to do, and I know that I AM WORTHY.

JM, Browns Valley, CA

It’s difficult to put into words the reality of having the privilege of being in Marcy Calhoun’s life. She has literally walked along my side as I traversed the successes, pain, joy, setbacks, growth and sheer exhilaration of life.

My background is like any other; my ego ruled my desires as a young person, I was unconsciously floating through the years, as a teenager. Most of my family relationships were ruled by toxic ancestral patterns.

Marcy is a spiritual mentor, and has been from early childhood. The first book she handed me was ‘Science of Mind’.  Of course many came after that, including her own writings, but Og Mandino was always a favorite. We discussed our philosophical beliefs, she answered questions about God, always patient, always unselfishly, always willing to honor ‘right timing’.

I teasingly tell her that sometimes she “takes me through spiritual growth with my feet dragging”, but I always go!

Because, every time, the reward is so worth the work. Marcy is Love, Grace, Unconditional, Kindness and Real!

DS, Reno, NV

Mentoring with Marcy Calhoun is analogous to being in a Mystery School guided by Divine Mother herself! Marcy is a wise, humble, sensitive sage who is constantly expanding her own consciousness as she facilitates her mentees on their own unique quest.

Marcy gently and lovingly helps navigate life’s challenges with ease and grace, and helps her students understand 3D and higher dimensions at a much deeper level. Marcy’s esoteric studies and experience are extensive and ever-expanding and she is a model of what embodying can feel and look like.

Marcy’s mentoring facilitates the integration of the divine and human aspects of self more fully so that we may realize greater potentials within ourselves.

Devadasi Forrester, Whidbey Island, WA

As a gifted intuitive, Marcy takes her time to listen deeply to her clients with empathy and compassion. Her kind support and guidance have caused me to develop and trust my own intuition, because I am able to ask questions and learn from her in the midst of our work together. As a result, I leave our sessions feeling peaceful, content, and satisfied in the knowing that my own inner guidance is becoming stronger and more refined.

R.R., East Bay, CA

Oh Marcy! It was an enormous blessing to have a new session with you, some 30 years after the first series of counselling and intuitive readings. You assisted me greatly on clearing past life and childhood issues then, and NOW…well it was amazing all over again!!! Love always to you and your work for humanity.

Linda Buffy, British Columbia

Marcy – Thank you for writing Are You Really Too Sensitive. I wish I’d had it years ago as it took a very long time to discover why crowded places affected me as they did and you explained it quite well.

Lynnette Rutti

Hey Marcy! You and your books are a gift to humanity! I’ve handed out tons of copies of Are You Really Too Sensitive and it’s always gotten rave reviews. It’s a life-saver! Thanks!

Mark Lemoine

Hi, Marcy, Glad to know you are still here and continuing your service to others. I am recommending you to a 14 year old, who seems to have such clarity of vision about who she is, I thought it might be helpful for her to know some of her past lives. Blessings on your good work!

I love your book Are You Really Too Sensitive. I found it at a thrift store of all places. It just drew me in, wish I had this book when I was a child, it would have helped me so much back then. I feel my daughter is a lot like me and is a sensitive person as well. I have not been able to put your book down, it describes me so well. Love it and the work you are doing to help others. Thanks for being there for us sensitive people out here in a troubled world.
Hi there, Marcy. I’m so glad that I found your corner of the web. About 10 years ago I read Are You Really Too Sensitive? for the first time, and it changed the way I see myself and the world around me in so many ways. All positive. You are the first person ever, even now, that truly “gets” me. It felt as if you had written about me specifically, and we have never met. It was eye-opening and spooky at the same time. Thank you.
Lee Jackson
Hi Marcy, I read your book, Are You Really Too Sensitive? several years ago – it really validated so many of my experiences. Thank you!!!