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Book, The Cosmic Heart Collection
The Cosmic Heart Collection, Volume 1

The Cosmic Heart Collection is a book of wisdom and a heart-felt assortment of poems, prose, spiritual and philosophical reflections that expand the mind, speak to the soul, and touch the heart. Readers as if they’ve received a rare gift: a sincere offering of inspiration, insight, awareness, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with higher love.

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Are You Really Too Sensitive?

Are You Really Too Sensitive? provides many practical techniques for understanding, living with, and developing your sensitivity. Quite often ultra-sensitives find life to be a series of painful and puzzling experiences in which they feel oddly out of step with the world around them. Marcy shows the reader how to understand this special sensitivity so it can become a reliable personal guide in daily life.

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Do You Really Have A Choice?

Do You Really Have A Choice? provides hands on practical techniques to use your intimate symbols to help you understand why things happen as they do in your life while developing deeper insight into your intuitive self.

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Coming Next…

A new book from Marcy… will explain this list of Ultra Sensitivities, which she is writing to help very sensitive people understand their Gifts and skills. Naming the abilities for each sensitivity helps us, as sensitive people, to understand how we are designed to work, why we have the level of sensitivity that we were born with, and why sensitivity is so crucial in this present age.

Marcy’s book will have a full chapter on each one of the 16 kinds of sensitivity. It will include how best to develop your talents, and especially how to understand them as the gifts they are for you.

Here is a brief description of one type of sensitivity, as an example: bridge sensitivity. A bridge sensitive likes to connect people to information or people to people, and likes to bring like-minded people together. Marcy often says that bridge sensitives like to build a bridge, let people use it, and go on to building new bridges. They like to create new inventions and let other people use what they have created.

Bridge sensitives do not like to do repetitive work of any kind, even in art professions, and they have very little patience with people who cannot think as quickly as they do.

These bridge sensitive people are very loyal to their loved ones and often have difficulty taking time for themselves. They like having interesting people in their lives. They usually work in a dedicated field or profession or create their own business as entrepreneurs.

In contrast, an elemental primary sensitive (12-16 in the list) needs to gravitate toward the primary element in their life. If they honor the primary element, they will thrive; if they fight it, living counter to their primary element will make life much more difficult for them.


The Cosmic Heart offers its readers an immersion experience in the frequencies of the beyond, the unified field, the eternal. The inspirational writings of two awakened souls build a bridge for the integration of the human and the Divine within each one of us. It is the perfect antidote for the challenges of our times.  If everyone read this before going to sleep and upon waking, the world would be infinitely more peaceful, harmonious and BLISSFUL!

dd, Whidbey Island, WA

The Cosmic Heart offers profound and practical tools to utilize the great gift of sensitivity. Marcy is a skilled intuitive healer and shares in these pages powerful practices that can help us to claim our intuitive nature and use it for transformation and healing.

Rose Atwell, LMFT in training, Holistic Life Coach, Meditation & Yoga Teacher

Dear Marcy,
I have been a psychic here in the Los Angeles area for the past 35 years and came across your book, Are you Really Too Sensitive, when it first came out in 1987. That book and your teachings saved my sanity. I have referred the book to so many of my clients and students as I feel it is a must and keep it in my main library along with my other treasured books. I just wanted to say Thank You for your wonderful work.

Victoria Gross, Los Angeles, CA