Mentoring Program

This is an opportunity to receive on-going coaching and guidance from Marcy.

Marcy will provide a personalized and custom program designed just for you.  You set your schedule and decide how often you wish to meet.  Marcy will have suggestions on where your training needs to focus in your program.  It is your choice in what areas you wish to train your intuitive skills.  You can move as fast as you like because you choose the speed of your training.

This is a training for those of you who want to develop a little faster or who might be having difficulty moving through painful areas of your life.  The focus of the training will be totally on you. You will be asked to accomplish boring and hard tasks (homework) in your life so you can move forward. Marcy suggests meeting twice a month as a good pace, to give you time to practice, make brief notes and learn how to stay aware of your progress.

People often ask, “What’s the difference between Intuitive Training and Mentoring?” Marcy likes to say, “With Intuitive Training, I do the work; in Mentoring YOU do the work.” In Intuitive Training, you provide the agenda and Marcy uses her psychic skills to answer your questions. In Mentoring, Marcy will suggest an agenda and guide you to develop your skills.

The fee for Marcy’s Mentoring program is $50.00 for each session.
Sessions vary from 45- to 60-minutes.

On-Call Mentoring

As above, this is an opportunity to receive on-going coaching and guidance from Marcy. Instead of scheduling specific sessions, Marcy agrees to be “on-call” for you throughout the month.

Designed for people who are intentionally focused on the wholeness of their life, On-Call Mentoring allows Marcy to be more connected and supportive on a consistent basis. Your calls are accepted anytime, and if you happen to catch Marcy when she is unavailable, she will return your call as soon as possible.

On-Call Mentoring is offered as an ongoing monthly subscription for up to thirty 15- to 30-minute sessions, as needed. $1000/month.

Payments are due before the first of each month.

By necessity, the number of monthly subscriptions must be limited to allow Marcy sufficient time to be present for her clients. Therefore, please request On-Call Mentoring by contacting Marcy directly to see if you are a fit for this program.