Women The feeling forest is surrounded with ancient withering plants, When underneath the rich moist soil, Seeds of knowing, abundant roots of support, love personified in female community... Creation already finite in the fresh breath of a woman reborn.   © Marcy Calhoun 5/15/2023

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Summer Sabbatical…

Your sensitivity is a skill that continues to develop over time and with practice. And that is true for me too! Every so often we experience a significant expansion of our awareness, and it is important to give yourself time to integrate this new awareness into yourself. Be [...]

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Elements and the Foundation Element

ELEMENTS – What are they? Why do they matter? How are they a part of our lives? What is a foundation element? The five elements we live with are Water/Fire/Air/Earth/Spirit. We live and interact with these five elements every day, whether we are still or active. We contain [...]

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Earth Energy and Competition

Our old Earth Energy form is competition, where one wins, and all others lose. One is better, while others are lesser, and the focus is on who has the most power. This hierarchy shows up between countries, states, leaders, cities, and even within families. The old Earth Energy [...]

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Defining Ultra-Sensitivity

“Ultra-sensitive” is a term I use to refer to a very sensitive person. It describes a state of mind and the type of energy the ultra-sensitive person generates. An ultra-sensitive person receives more information than people who are not generating ultra-sensitivity. In their state of ultra-sensitivity, the ultra-sensitive [...]

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The Aquarian Age has Arrived

Our world, our word, changing day by day, cell by cell, thought into wish, action into trust, We are changing inside-out, in a cocoon of confusion, We are living life aware, in an unaware state. Wanting, waiting for the normal to appear transposed, Fearing the change while becoming [...]

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I’m Dreaming…

I’m dreaming a sensitive dream with you, Where kindness is a treasured prize, a world where equality is the goal, No matter what shape or size, young or old, light or dark, We are one world, one people, one voice of many truths. Our diversity is our power, [...]

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Are you feeling the intensity?

Are you feeling the INTENSITY? Astrologically, we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. For many years, we have been grounding into the Earth signs, and Mother Earth has been our foundation. Now, our new foundation is Air, and we need to ground into movement. We are feeling [...]

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Self-Care Exercise

Being an Ultra-Sensitive is Being a Universal Tool with Ever Expanding Goals. Trust your body’s healing process, Trust your ability to read your body signals, and learn to decode your body signals. A 30-Minute Exercise: 1. BE still and feel and listen to any changes in your body. [...]

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