The following consultations are offered by invitation only, via Zoom or phone call.

Note that Marcy wants to offer you the best experience possible. She reserves the right to reschedule appointments if she feels she will not be able to do a good job for you.

Intuitive Training – 60 minutes, $150

This time may be used in any way that supports you – for example, Past Life exploration, Intuitive Mentoring, or identifying your sensitivities. In this session, Marcy uses Tarot, Runes, I-Ching, and her Psychic abilities to answer your questions. You decide what you want to explore and learn. Your questions will guide Marcy’s work.

Psychic Reading – 60 minutes, $150

You may ask pertinent, specific life questions relating to your life right now and Marcy can help you sort through several options, such as which of several job offers would be best for you, or whether you should move to a new location, or even identifying the next step in one of your relationships.

Your session may include past-life information (if you are interested), or a discussion of how your personal talents, abilities, and sensitivities are affecting your life. This consultation allows for deeper conversation, and the opportunity to examine more personal choices and possible outcomes. It helps you understand yourself better.

Life Priorities Reading – 60 minutes, $200

Life Consultations reveal pertinent information that has a particularly strong influence in your daily life, especially in regard to personal attitudes, work situations and relationships. These consultations can reveal what kinds of situations are likely to develop in the immediate present and future, based on the past influences and a person’s tendencies and patterns.

Marcy believes that we come into this lifetime with an agenda – things that we want to achieve or accomplish. These Life Priorities change as you work through them, and also vary through different phases of your life.

During the first 20 minutes of the consultation, Marcy will reveal your three main priorities at this time of your life. After that, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions.

If you choose, Marcy will give you past life information that is pertinent to this time in your current life. To access this information, Marcy will need your birth time and place, as well as the name you most identify with.

You may want to ask about your relationship with other people in your life. It helps Marcy to have a birth date for that person or a description of where you were and what you were doing the last time you were together (whether they are alive now or not). While you remember the person, Marcy goes through your memory to reach the other person.

NOTE: Marcy does not channel people who have passed.

The client is asked to have a list of 20 questions to be answered in the consultation. Creating this list will help you prepare for the consultation, revealing themes or recurrent situations you may want to ask about.

Often, many of your questions are answered in the first few minutes of your consultation, while Marcy identifies your current Life Priorities. Marcy will attempt to answer as many of your questions as she can within the hour. She may not have time for all of them.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send your list of questions to Marcy ahead of time. Marcy gets her strongest “hit” the first time she hears a question, and she wants to give you the best possible information at the time of your consultation.

Still have questions? Email Marcy.