I’m dreaming a sensitive dream with you,
Where kindness is a treasured prize,
a world where equality is the goal,
No matter what shape or size,
young or old, light or dark,
We are one world, one people,
one voice of many truths.

Our diversity is our power,
Compassion, expressing, infused with truth.
I feel your loss, your silent voice,
your fields of flowers, intimate picnics and
chuckling water, cool and safe,
Where we embrace the wisdom of diversity
that cools the hot necessity of revenge.

I believe in you, I believe in everyone,
I Believe in Divine Beauty shining through,
walls of seething hate, yellow greed and
tortured shame.

I believe the mistakes of humanity are truly
humanity changing into self-created beings,
The best and the worst of us changing, silently
and quietly, into dynamic blended beings.

© Marcy Calhoun 3/4/2023