Our old Earth Energy form is competition, where one wins, and all others lose. One is better, while others are lesser, and the focus is on who has the most power. This hierarchy shows up between countries, states, leaders, cities, and even within families.

The old Earth Energy sees others as competition or adversaries and brings the thought that people who are different in any way will ultimately take something away from you. They are a threat to your well-being. We were raised to think that competition is good. In fact, healthy competition IS good! Unhealthy competition arises when the odds are unfairly stacked against some competitors.

A refusal to change, or not embracing change, works against our highest and best good. I believe our own rigidity holds us in pain and trauma. I believe that if there is resistance to change, and if enough people stay in resistance, that collective resistance unbalances the earth energies and magnifies the loss of balance until the Earth reacts to that loss of balance.

Floods, drought, and wildfires are examples of how the Earth reacts to humanity’s collective actions. The Earth reacts to humanity’s unbalanced actions. There is no fault or blame, it is simply nature, responding and bringing about a balance. The Earth makes no judgment, it simply seeks balance, whether it is nature or the sentient beings living on the Earth who create the imbalance.