This year of 2023, I found myself feeling busier than I ever remember feeling. It feels like I have so much to do and so many things on my mind. It feels like I don’t have the time. I find most people I am connecting with these days tend to feel the same way, and there is a very good reason why we all feel this way.

According to astrologers, we have entered the Aquarian Age and it will take several years before we have completely arrived.

I look at this as a journey where we are learning how to live, act and react as we are forming our future. How we live our lives is the blueprint for our collective future. How we feel and think in our actual acts of living collectively is creating a new paradigm.

Many astrologers write that the foundation energies that we live in and work with have changed.

Before we entered The Aquarian Age, the foundation energy that we worked, played and relaxed in was Earth Energy. What we looked for and wanted to feel was a connection to earth, our world, our family, and our career.

Often, we would find ourselves out in nature, taking part in activities, creating a plan to interact with others, and returning to visit someone stable in our life. We looked into the past to find a place where or when we felt stable.

The foundation element for the new Aquarian Age is Air Energy.

The air element reacts as air reacts. It is a lighter, faster moving element that can be absolutely still, in light motion, or in hurricane density. This is our new foundation element. It will guide us to let go of rigidness. It will bring us more into lightheartedness. It will force us to not depend upon the past to understand the future. It will help us live in the world of possibilities.

A foundation element is an element that has a major effect on our entire life, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. That is why it is so important to understand that our foundation element has shifted from earth to air.

The unease we are feeling (as though we are super busy) is coming from this shift in foundation from Earth energy, based on stability and past experience, to a new foundation of Air energy, based on movement and possibility.

We need to understand that we are living in a new element that responds differently than the element we are used to. Knowing and understanding this change will make our life easier to navigate.