Today, I find myself appreciating all the wonderful things in my life. I feel a need to give of myself, give of my time and my access to divine energy to others.

We all feel gratitude when we receive a gift, especially when we receive a thoughtful gift from someone we love. We have also all had deeper moments of gratitude, which opened our hearts and allowed us to connect to a larger view of life.

We receive many types of gifts: physical gifts, but also gifts of time, energy, or knowledge. There are also gifts we take for granted, like the flowers blooming in our gardens, our health, the ability to work, friendship, a home, and love.

I find myself surrounded and filled with gratitude when I stop to notice that I can walk, that I can speak, that I can see both the beauty and the problems in the world, and that I can choose how to respond.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I find myself reviewing the gifts that nature provides, the gifts of kindness, the gifts of having loved ones and special friends. I am thankful in a hundred ways, daily. It is a gift to be in this world and be able to feel, think and find solutions that create a winning situation for everyone.

Taking the opportunity to pause in gratitude is a gift in itself. It allows us to expand into something greater, to touch the Divine in ourselves and others, and in that moment, to feel both loved and loving.

You can be filled with joy by creating a true Thanksgiving celebration that feels perfect for you. Make your shared dinner personally Divine by sharing your time the way you really want to share. It’s important to not be suffering or tolerating doing it someone else’s way.

To be in Divine Gratitude is to be in alignment with yourself and all that you love. Spend your time so all, including yourself, can be as joyful as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone everywhere.