Today is a day of quiet and introspection. I want to keep an eye on myself because there are three ways of being that I do not want to encourage in myself today.

One is looking at all the things that I haven’t done. Two is reminiscing about the past and thinking about how I could have or should have done it differently. Three is avoiding the opportunity to do something fun and adventurous.

Sometimes, I begin to think about doing something new and instead I choose something familiar, something that feels comfortable and safe. There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable and secure. I also know it is important for ultra-sensitives to try new experiences that feel a bit intimidating physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

Today I planned to go to a park where I haven’t been before, take a book and a picnic lunch for two (even though I was going alone) and expected to share my bounty with whomever I met. I was going to put my tarot cards in my basket and see where my adventure would lead.

As it turned out, I didn’t go to the park as planned. Instead, a new friend called, and we decided to take a walk. After the walk we shared the food I had prepared and had a wonderful visit. We shared ideas and I felt invigorated. Staying open to something new brought me an excellent day of unexpected fun.

I encourage you to seek out new experiences. Go to that art museum or park or take a class about something you may not feel comfortable doing. Trying something out of our comfort zone opens sensitive people and adds new life force to our brain, in our feelings and creates more potential for spiritual growth, beyond our own expectations.

Choose adventure, go beyond who you think you are, and expand into who you feel you are in your heart.