We are all sensitive at various levels at different moments in our life. There are four basic ways we are sensitive: Blocked, Classic, Ultra, and Natural.

Blocked Sensitivity allows you to have a specific focus without distractions.
Classic Sensitivity gives you the ability to focus on several things in a specific area of your life.
Ultra-Sensitivity opens all your senses, intuitions, and feelings.
Natural Sensitivity activates the specific combination of sensitivities you need to be the best you can be at any given moment.

Today, we focus on the difference between Ultra-sensitivity and Classic sensitivity.

Classic Sensitivity

When you’re in your Classic Sensitivity you are focused “mentally” on immediate demands or goals. You are mentally focused on the people you love and the things and events in your life that you cherish. There is little or no involvement in the pain of the world at large.

In your Classic sensitivity, you mainly focus on your mental world, not on the emotional needs of the world. A Classic Sensitive has a mental focus that revolves around the people they love and the things they treasure. They are usually unaware of (not focused on) the pain of others unless it relates to a focused concern that specifically involves themself or a loved one.

Classic Sensitives have boundaries and can actively choose what they are emotionally invested in. Decisions seem clearer and more concise when you access your mental capabilities from your classic sensitivity, even when they relate to difficult emotional decisions, because you are more logical and mentally focused in your view of the world.


When you’re in your Ultra-Sensitivity, you are emotionally open to the world at large and your focus falls on whatever you are emotionally connected to or feeling or sensing in the moment. As an Ultra, you have deep emotional concerns about all sentient life, and you can easily get emotionally caught in others’ pain and concerns.

Ultras have a hard time making logical decisions that require them to choose between emotional issues and will always look for emotional answers before applying logic to a situation. They also have a hard time creating physical and emotional boundaries for themselves.

Ultras are consistently drawn emotionally to the needs of other people, the natural beauty of living things or animals in need. When you are in your Ultra-Sensitivity, you want to heal and help whenever and wherever you are able and think on a more universal generous sensory level. Ultras are emotionally open to their intuition, telepathy and empathy at all times.