Hello Ultra-Sensitive!

Our lives have taken a new journey for Ray and me. Ray had an accident and died in August of 2014. It as been an amazing experience for me both in my loss and my gratitude for having a wonderful 55 years with the love of my life and my soul mate.

It has taken me some adjustment time and acclimating to my new changes and life. I have my home up for sale and as soon as my home sells I am moving to Napa Valley to be close to my kids. I will continue my work, my writing and my classes because they are a true source of inspiration and one of my joys continuing in this life. I have started a Teleconferencing Class on the advertised Intuitive Sundays dates written in events.

My work and my dedication to be of service and to keep expanding my spiritual experience is uppermost in my being.
And sharing quality time with my kids, family and friends.

I am grateful for all the support and help that I have been receiving from family and friends. The people that have been supporting me have been many and numerous in their loving support and I am filled with not knowing how to sincerely thank all of you enough for all you have given Ray and me.

Ray has been in connection with me and it has been delightful with all his humor and messages that have reached me. He continues to be my solid support that I love with my heart and soul.

If you have anything you would like to share please feel free to contact me at 530-749-2100 or you can drop an e-mail to marcycarestoo@gmail.com or text my cell phone: 530.218.6315

With love, Respect and Caring,
Marcy Calhoun