An Auditory Ultra Sensitive talent in a person is an ability to be aware of sound in the physical world. Physical sound to an Auditory Ultra Sensitive holds more information than it does for someone that is not in their Auditory Ultra Sensitivity.

There is the potential for each person, when they are in their ultra sensitivity, to be aware on sixteen different levels of awareness. Usually a newly opened ultra sensitive is aware of three to four talents of ultra-sensitivity.

A ultra sensitive who has become trained in their ultra sensitivity can move from one ultra talent to another, simply by expressing in their thoughts an emotional need or desire to gain knowledge about someone or something in their world.

To emotionally want to understand or gain insight into something or someone triggers the ultra’s brain to search until their browser, so to speak, has found the knowledge sought. Unfortunately, an ultra is not always aware when the information arrives that it is the answer to their question, and this can create confusion until the ultra understands how to sort the incoming knowledge.

Often, Auditory Ultra Sensitives have interrupted sleep patterns. There are many reason why this happens and that information is for another time.