Today as I was waking up, I became aware of my thoughts. I am so very happy to be in my Natural Sensitivity today. I feel like the world is a wonderful place to express myself, even though I am living by myself now. My amazing husband is in the spiritual realm and comes by to visit me.

I am pleased to feel our connection in my heart. It awakens such good solid memories of our times together. We have had so many wonderful experiences together living life. We separated three times and had to work to understand each other hundreds of times. We were stressed about daily worries and still found time to sit on the porch at our mini-ranch and watch the hummingbirds in their rainbows of color.

We welcomed our family, guests and people that became family into our home and our lives. We had huge card games and festive gatherings with tasty food made with caring.

I feel so blessed that I have all those memories and I feel blessed that I am privileged to live alone and discover new things about myself and what life is offering me daily.

I feel blessed by all the people who find me so I can learn more from them as we learn together. I feel blessed that I have vision and can see the beauty of this world. I treasure the people I meet as a new universe that we can explore our potential and possibilities together. I feel blessed. May you have as many blessed days as you can create as an ultra-sensitive.