A Bridge Ultra-Sensitive experiences life through connecting people, events, and situations. Bridge Sensitives are problem solvers. They enjoy their ability to hunt for the solution to anything that interests or intrigues them. Bridge sensitives are good at creating new systems in every career field.

Their curiosity forces them to seek out answers for others as well as for themselves. They create or can see and figure out how things are connected, when other sensitives cannot necessarily see the connection between people or events.

Bridge sensitives are in creation mode every moment of their waking hours. They like to create new ideas, new inventions, and new methods and let others use those ideas while the Bridge Ultra-Sensitive goes on to create other ideas, improve their old ideas, or create new innovative ideas. They are the dreamers in our world.

Bridge sensitives are prone to impatience with people who cannot think as fast as they can. They like to move physically as well as mentally. They are fun and entertaining to have as friends, yet they will often refer to themselves as boring because people can have difficultly following their mind when they are on a treasure hunt, seeking solutions. They are often referred to as “lucky” because they often seem to be in the right place at the right time.

All sensitives have moments of Bridge Sensitivity in their lives, however a true Bridge Sensitive feels like they live to learn, expand, and continually explore their inner and/or external worlds.