An Empath is a person that has the talent to feel what other people feel. With a talent of empathy one can sense and read what others are emoting. A strong empath can sense what animals are emoting. An empath has to learn how to separate their own emotions from the emotions of others. Many times empaths will weave in their own emotions with what they are picking up from others. Especially if the ultra sensitive has any judgment about the other person. To pick up a clear emotional message the ultra needs to be compassionate and objective, about the person they are reading, to read accurately. Emotions are pure. Feelings have personal emotional histories within them unless we can be compassionate and have a willingness to be objective while reading. If you have any confusion, your confusion, is an signal that you are reading some of your own history into the information you are picking up from or reading. Learn how to sort your historical information from what you are receiving. I love being an empath because it helps me to understand people I relate to and interact with daily.