There are 16 different foundational sensitivity talents:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Olfactory
  4. Kinetic
  5. Knowing
  6. Bridge
  7. Empathic
  8. Catalyst
  9. Sponge
  10. Energy Aware Sensitive
  11. Negative Potential/Positive Potential
  12. Water Sensitive
  13. Fire Sensitive
  14. Air Sensitive
  15. Earth Sensitive
  16. Spirit Sensitive

These are the 16 basic sensitivities that I have discovered while working with sensitives worldwide, in all cultures, all races and all genders.

From these 16 basic sensitivities an unlimited mixture of individualized skills can be expressed and identified. In future blog posts I will describe each basic sensitivity and how it manifests in sensitives.

Ideally, we manifest our sensitivities as a “Natural Sensitive.” This happens once your sensitivity skills are 90 percent developed and it allows you to manifest all the skills “on demand” and “at your will and wish”, automatically. The more your Natural Sensitivity is developed the more fluid and magical your life becomes.