Defining Ultra-Sensitivity

“Ultra-sensitive” is a term I use to refer to a very sensitive person. It describes a state of mind and the type of energy the ultra-sensitive person generates. An ultra-sensitive person receives more information than people who are not generating ultra-sensitivity. In their state of ultra-sensitivity, the ultra-sensitive [...]

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Bridge Sensitivity

A Bridge Ultra-Sensitive experiences life through connecting people, events, and situations. Bridge Sensitives are problem solvers. They enjoy their ability to hunt for the solution to anything that interests or intrigues them. Bridge sensitives are good at creating new systems in every career field. Their curiosity forces them [...]

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Natural Sensitivity: 16 Talents

There are 16 different foundational sensitivity talents: Visual Auditory Olfactory Kinetic Knowing Bridge Empathic Catalyst Sponge Energy Aware Sensitive Negative Potential/Positive Potential Water Sensitive Fire Sensitive Air Sensitive Earth Sensitive Spirit Sensitive These are the 16 basic sensitivities that I have discovered while working with sensitives worldwide, in [...]

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Empathic Sensitivity

An Empath is a person that has the talent to feel what other people feel. With a talent of empathy one can sense and read what others are emoting. A strong empath can sense what animals are emoting. An empath has to learn how to separate their own [...]

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