Are you feeling the intensity?

Are you feeling the INTENSITY? Astrologically, we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. For many years, we have been grounding into the Earth signs, and Mother Earth has been our foundation. Now, our new foundation is Air, and we need to ground into movement. We are feeling [...]

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Self-Care Exercise

Being an Ultra-Sensitive is Being a Universal Tool with Ever Expanding Goals. Trust your body’s healing process, Trust your ability to read your body signals, and learn to decode your body signals. A 30-Minute Exercise: 1. BE still and feel and listen to any changes in your body. [...]

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Being Present

Being Present. The present is not a place or a thing. The present is everything all at once. It includes all sounds, all feelings, all sensations of the moment. Everything that is there is meant to be there, everything that is not there is not. Whether your moment [...]

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Creating a new Holiday Season

How would you truly enjoy the Holidays? What do you enjoy? How about re-thinking your expectations, renewing outworn needs that are not true for you anymore, and creating self-care as well as trying new ways to relate to your friends and family? Remember to keep the traditions that [...]

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Try Something New

Today is a day of quiet and introspection. I want to keep an eye on myself because there are three ways of being that I do not want to encourage in myself today. One is looking at all the things that I haven’t done. Two is reminiscing about [...]

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