How would you truly enjoy the Holidays? What do you enjoy?

How about re-thinking your expectations, renewing outworn needs that are not true for you anymore, and creating self-care as well as trying new ways to relate to your friends and family? Remember to keep the traditions that you love.

I welcome the Holiday Season this year with anticipation of changing it to a time of friendship and joy. Instead of buying me something, I would love for my friends and family to spend a special hour or two with me. I also am also offering to do chores for my family that they tend to not get around to during the Holidays.

I encourage you to design your holiday time and then be open to your schedule changing and rearranging itself on very short notice. It’s also important to talk with others about your wishes for the Holidays.

I have created a plan within myself to develop connections with people that they will enjoy and that I will also enjoy. I had to change my idea of how I see the Holidays, and be clear on my own expectations, including some of the things we used to do that are fun for me.

I have found I have outgrown my old ideas and my needs for a traditional Christmas, yet I still want to keep some of our old traditions. I want the Holidays without stress for anybody. I have given up my expectation that my happiness needs to be created on one specific day, whether it is my birthday, Christmas day, or New Year’s Eve.

I am working on being clear on what I truly want, giving up what I expected in the past and creating a new beginning. I want to create a new sense of who I am and how I share time with others. I wish you all very thoughtful and nurturing Happy Holidays!