“If This House Could Talk…”

I have heard this expression throughout my life and as a child I would wonder why the adults could not feel the pain, happiness, or confusion in the house we were in at the time.

When an ultra-sensitive enters a building, they can actually feel the emotional energy that has built up from all the emotions that have been expressed in that building over time.

They can feel the stress, confusion or pain that has been experienced in a building from the people or animals that have occupied it over time. The older the building, the more emotional energy is stored there. The more sensitive the person, the more layers of emotions are felt by the deeply sensitized person.

The classic sensitive will feel uncomfortable in a building which has been infused with emotions over the years. The ultra-sensitive will feel the emotions and be able to read and relate some of the actual experiences that happened in that specific building.

In essence, I am writing that buildings do store information and over time an emotional history is created, which can then be read by an ultra-sensitive. It is important to know that it is not just the amount of time that causes the build-up of emotions. When severe traumatic events occur in an area, the traumatic emotional impact may be stored in the building or area for centuries.