How does a person become a blocked sensitive?

It’s usually during childhood that a person becomes a blocked sensitive. Sensitivity becomes blocked when a child experiences trauma that they cannot comprehend either mentally or emotionally.

Usually, the child creates an emotional reason for the traumatic event, blaming themselves for their own actions or inactions during the trauma.

The child does not understand the sequence of events, and cannot see the bigger picture, circumstances, or people involved. The child blames themself for the trauma and carries it until they are able to heal.

To heal as a blocked sensitive, it is important to reframe the event and view it from an adult perspective, with the intention of helping the inner child to heal.

1. Recognize the area that needs healing.
2. Work with a compassionate counselor.
3. Become aware of the pattern.
4. Be consciously and emotionally aware that you want to make changes in your life at that exact moment.
5. Have compassion for yourself.
6. You can work through any emotional block.