As an ultra sensitive you have 16 talents. A talent is an emotional intuitive experience beyond your five senses. Your talents will give you insight and helpful information about all areas of your life. Which of the sixteen talents that you presently have will depend on your past and present life experiences. Not all of your 16 talents are active within you at the present time. Even if you have 3 or maybe 5 of your talents active you will still need to know how to access them and then how to consciously use them. Some people have their talents active and do not realize what is causing the chaos in their lives. It can cause you confusion until you, as the ultra, realize what is happening. You may not see your talents as helpful until you understand them. Your talents can cause you to feel helpless because you are not operating like other people. There are answers and help to all your frustrations. You will have to practice and use the tools so your life can become an exciting and calm reality. When you understand how to apply your talents to your life your will feel great relief.