A classic sensitive is a person who is mainly focused on their family, friends, pets, and all things that are directly connected with them in their life. They do not usually get involved in many things outside their chosen connections and are involved in politics only if it affects them personally.

Classic sensitives are considerate and fit into social situations comfortably. They like to be personally involved (but not intimately involved) in emotional situations unless their life is directly affected.

They do not enjoy being involved in deep emotional community situations and generally avoid them. They are usually thoughtful and work to avoid intense emotional situations and unknown groups of people.

Classic sensitives do not like to expose their vulnerability, even to family and friends. They want to be strong for their loved ones and show their strength instead of their vulnerable side.

A Classic sensitive hides their pain, either emotional or physical, from themselves as well as others. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and will live their beliefs to the letter of their rules.

Flexibility is harder for a Classic sensitive and they expect other people to accommodate their timing and needs, which they deem reasonable. Classic sensitives like to feel they are in control without needing to prove it.

When a powerful trauma hits in the life of a classic sensitive, they are forced into their Ultra-Sensitivity by personal loss or pain.