Today, Valentine’s Day, is a day celebrating love, not only love of intimate partners, but the joy of being able to be loved, which includes loving ourselves.

As ultra-sensitives, we are especially filled with love and caring for all sentient beings. If today you do not immediately have a partner, then reach out to another special someone in your life. It can be a family member, a dear friend, or a person you work with in your career. Everyone needs to know they are loved.

Most importantly, save time to love yourself and the miracle that you are. You hold the key to our planet’s future by being here and alive. You hold the precious gift of sensitivity, while others are searching to find theirs.

You are a guardian of sensitivity by living it, working with it, and expressing your sensitive nature so others can see it, recognize their own sensitivity, value it, and understand. Your gift is more valuable than gold. Being yourself is all you need to do.