It’s the middle of my day and my breakfast felt so satisfying that I start to wonder if maybe I ate more than I should have. I feel guilty somehow, even though I followed my plan.

It must be because I already feel so satisfied with my day. Somehow, that does not seem to be okay. Stop!!! There go my thoughts, trying to take control again. I work to be mindful of my thoughts and they still take over at times.

This is an example of what happens to ultra-sensitives. The old programing slips in, unnoticed, and starts repeating all the words of admonishment that I’ve heard in the past from both myself and others.

I use a formula: Stop! Cancel! Thank You! until that outdated mindset gives up and no longer repeats. Sometimes, I have to repeat that formula over and over, and become more stern with my mental self, until it quits.

Your peace of mind is worth the work of paying attention to your thoughts, because then your creative energy has space to create new ideas, new actions, and new patterns.