Today I am feeling how important Natural Sensitivity is for our world. Natural Sensitivity is an automatic intuitive intelligence working in unison with all parts of our being. Natural Sensitivity means all our systems are working together and bring forward whatever type of sensitivity is needed for any given moment. I see signs of this happening daily, in many different ways, within the people around me.

If everyone enjoyed their Natural Sensitivity, it would be a very different compassionate world of interaction. Each person would automatically be in the kind of sensitivity that was needed in the moment.

If you needed to focus and concentrate, you would be in your Blocked Sensitivity. Blocked Sensitivity allows you to have a specific focus without distractions.

If you were with loved ones and felt safe, nurtured, and supported you would be in your Ultra sensitivity. Being in your Ultra Sensitivity opens all your senses, intuitions, and feelings.

If you needed to be in the world, relating to world events and happenings, you would be in your Classic Sensitivity. Classic Sensitivity allows you to have the ability to focus on several things in a specific area of your life, such as career, family, health, or personal needs.

Your Natural Sensitivity system activates the specific combination of sensitivities you need to be the best you can be at any given moment. That is how Natural Sensitivity works. Once you achieve Natural Sensitivity as a foundation sensitivity, you have all your sensitivities available on demand without even specifically calling them in.