You know you are in a state of Ultra Sensitivity when you ask yourself this question: Why do I make life so complicated for myself?

Ultra-Sensitives receive much more information than the Classic or Blocked Sensitives. A simple example of day-to-day situation is when the grocery clerk asks, “Would you like paper or plastic?”

My initial response is to ruminate: “What am I going to do with the plastic? How am I going to use it, dispose of it, or keep it? When I no longer need it, where can I dispose of it, so it does not create more problems for the world?” Then, I consider, “If I take the paper bags, how many trees were cut so I could carry my groceries home in paper? And how am I going to use them or dispose of them or recycle them, so I honor the tree’s gift?” Many layers of questions, concerns, and dilemmas follow.

At first, I couldn’t answer the clerk’s question without stopping to think. I had to take the time to consider my questions and concerns and decide how I want to be in the world. Now, when I go to the store, I have my answer ready and I can relax.

This is only one of many minor decisions that come up during my day. A single question brings up multiple layers of thoughts and concerns, and this process repeats itself several times throughout my day.

For an Ultra-Sensitive, everything in life has many layers of possibilities. This can cause complications and it can also open wonderful and amazing possibilities. That is one of the many gifts within Ultra Sensitivity.