When Ultra-Sensitives are in our fear, we often see negative potentials in most things we do. We see the potentials for us to fail unless we receive positive feedback from someone whom we feel has relevant knowledge or experience. It is the way our inner being works, especially for empathetic Ultra’s. (An empath is an Ultra-Sensitive who picks up and feels what other sentient beings are feeling.)

Ultra-sensitives see the ultimate potential in most everything. It can cause us to feel, after we create or achieve something, that our achievement was not the best, because after it is complete, we can see how it could have been done differently and better. This often causes us to be perfectionistic.

The other thing that can happen is that we put off doing things until we can see how to do them perfectly. Unfortunately, we nag ourselves for not doing the project and blame ourselves for procrastinating.

It is difficult for Ultra-Sensitives to be satisfied with things we create or achieve. After we finish something, we see how it could have been done better. We note the changes we would like to make next time.

It is not wrong to feel that way, it is being Ultra-Sensitive.
Everyone can and will, at different times in their life, end up in their Ultra-Sensitivity. Especially during times of extreme trauma.

I have a dear friend who is an amazing artist. She would paint a painting 6 layers deep, one layer on top of another, because each time she completed a layer, she would see how to improve a certain area of her painting. As she repainted that area, the changes would gradually extend across the entire work of art. Each layer was amazing and beautiful. She has since taught herself to enjoy the stages of her art and learned that her art tells a story, layer by layer.