Some people who have experienced trauma not only tap into their Ultra-Sensitivity but remain in that Ultra-Sensitive state for the rest of their lives.

From the moment of their unconscious choice to be Ultra-Sensitive (when the trauma happened) these people stay open, vulnerable, and Ultra-Sensitive to everything that touches them. When that happens, the Ultra-Sensitives lose themselves, their boundaries, and sometimes even their self-identity.

(That happened to me until I realized I was hypervigilant about everything and started my healing journey into my Natural Sensitivity.)

Once trauma awakens the Ultra-Sensitivity in a person, they become hypervigilant as a means of protecting themselves from all danger, large and small. Their survival system cannot differentiate between a harmless threat and extreme danger and reacts to all threats as extreme.

The difficulty with this is that from the moment Ultra-Sensitivity is awakened, the Ultra lives in a state of high stress and that high stress level becomes their normal way of being.

Living in high stress draws great amounts of energy from your body, all day long. The body suffers and becomes exhausted, distressed, and, if it continues long enough, becomes very ill.

The way to start your healing journey out of constant and wounded Ultra-Sensitivity is to create healthy boundaries and self-awareness. It helps to have a kind friend or counselor who can help you observe your patterns and habits and recognize the healthy patterns versus the destructive ones.