Am I doing everything I was meant to do? Do I have a destiny?

Everyone has an important destiny. We know we have a deep purpose. We know we are here for a reason: to stretch, to reach and to examine everything in our lives. Yet, we are still puzzled about our journey of purpose.

Emotions are key for each one of us, to open the many doors of our soul experience. In this world where sensitivity is less respected and considered less important than the mind, it is the ultra-sensitives who will take action to help heal our world that is in crisis.

We will help by being an example, by being brave enough to break from the expected, brave enough to continually embrace change, and brave enough to push back at all the limitations that tell us we are either “not enough” or “too much” and encourage us to settle back into the mainstream.

It’s important to fit in, yet still be yourself. Be brave enough to embrace your true self. Be strong enough to stand by your convictions. Live sensitively, expressing your talents and gifts so they will be valued as powerful tools in the world. In doing these things, you, as an ultra-sensitive, will fit in better than you ever have. You will know and feel you belong.

Collectively, we can make a difference and find our safe place. Collectively, we can expand, grow, evolve, and become a community of sensitives. We can join together, valuing our sensitivities as we learn to believe in our gifts. As our beliefs grow, we help the world into its new body, its new skin, its new way of being that is all about communities of cooperation united in the effort to create a win/win system.

We actively demonstrate change by changing ourselves into new sensitives, expanding into our strengths, talents, gifts and skills one step at a time, one day at a time and one person at a time. It is up to each one of us to embrace and belong to this new world we are all collectively creating.