Many times, as an ultra-sensitive I am left with feelings of being fragile and under-valued. I have been working to figure that out for years and finally feel like I am arriving at an answer.

It is how we treat ourselves that the world mirrors back to us.

When we place ourselves last in our interactions with others – in other words, when we place everyone before us – we are showing our universe, with exact actions (our own actions), that we prefer to be last on everyone’s list.

We show everyone the way we want to be treated and demonstrate that we are happy to be ignored and taken advantage of in many ways. We often show more respect for others than we do for ourselves. We discount our precious time to help others or keep them company, prioritizing their projects and desires over our own.

Often as ultra-sensitives we make quick decisions and respond to requests without considering how our decisions will impact us.

The solution for ultra-sensitives is to give to ourselves as we give to others, in equal measure. The important thing is for us to take time for ourselves and to truly take a moment to feel into our decisions, because the way we treat ourselves in our smallest actions as well as the major ones in our life, is the way we teach others how we want to be treated.