I write about Ultra’s ability to see other people’s capabilities.

When we give feedback to people we care about and tell them how they can change or do things differently, they may perceive it as criticism. They may hear that we don’t like what they have done, that we feel they aren’t doing their best, or that they could have done it better. How do we feel when people tell us we could have done something better?

That is probably not the message we want to convey, and many times that is the message they receive. It is vital that we acknowledge their achievement, where they are, and what they have completed. It can feel like we are never satisfied with they achieve if we point out how it could have been better too often.

As Ultra’s, our insight is a talent and yet it can be a painful irritant to the people around us. People we love and care about want our love, kindness, and sincere approval.

It is important to see what the people we love have achieved and not focus on what they didn’t do. It’s important for us to point out their successes because that is the hardest thing for them to see for themselves.

It is important that we do not tell others how they could have done something differently because it often sounds like we could do their project better than they can. This is especially important for parents, because as children we want our parents’ love and approval and not their critique of our art. It is different if someone asks for input because of the asking.

It’s important to realize that everything can change. As Ultras, with the ability to see potential outcomes, it is important to realize that we are having a momentary insight, and nothing is final. The only thing that is constant in our world is that everything is in a state of change and movement. What we see is a guideline and not an absolute. We see potential but not the final result.